Principles Of Information Security Risk Management

Discover Three Key Principles Of Information Security Risk Management

Frequent, high-profile data breaches have pushed information security to the very top of the agenda for today's most successful organizations.  To better protect your business from information security risks, your CISO and their information security team must evolve from a corporate role focused solely on information security risk reduction to a true holistic focus on information risk management.

Leading organizations follow three key principles to establish a true risk management focus:

  • Creating a holistic, forward-looking view of information security risks the company faces
  • Defining, supporting, and socializing the information risk decision rights throughout the company, to allow those decisions to be made where the risks can be adequately assessed
  • Understanding and realigning the risk decisions to best map to the business's risk appetite

Managing your company's information security risk is essential to surviving in the modern digital marketplace. 

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