Pre Employment Assessment

Make Better Hiring Decisions With Pre Employment Assessment Tools 

Traditional methods of getting to know candidates - resumes and interviews - often don't yield the best insight. Resumes are notoriously unreliable, contain misleading statements and many carry flat out lies. Likewise, interviews are subjective and ultimately serve as poor predictors of job performance.

CEB’s customized pre employment assessment tools provide successful companies an in-depth, structured perspective to better identify performance potential and reduce unsuitable applications by ensuring candidates understand the requirements of the job – and your organization – before they apply. Our system yields detailed and practical development and coaching tips to help employees create personal objectives and improved performance.

CEB provides solutions to pre employment assessments that produce candidates that:

  • Feel empowered to take ownership of their career development
  • Are capable of working in areas where they can add the most value
  • Create personal objectives and improve performance
  • Are most likely to be safe and dependable workers

Well matched employees are the backbone that drives business success. Learn more on how better assessments can improve your business functions in todays whitepaper download.