Performance Management Training

Build Critical Habits In Day-To-Day Work With Performance Management Training

Many organizations focus too heavily on performance management processes. They neglect to consider the skills and capabilities employees need to develop performance behaviors and shift to a culture of feedback and coaching. CEB can help you develop a successful performance management approach.

We have done the research and found that 56% of employees feel they do not receive feedback on what to improve. Additionally, 61% of employees feel they do not have the tools and resources to develop the skills and knowledge for their jobs. The best companies move beyond mere skill building to providing employees with the guidance and structure needed to practice and solidify feedback and coaching behaviors in the context of day-to-day work.

Critical new habits include:

  • Setting clear expectations at the outset of new work
  • Recognizing and praising high performance as work progresses
  • Providing coaching that is forward looking and focused on the process (not the outcome) in the moment or as soon as possible after an event.

Read our white paper for more information on how to put the performance back into your performance management approach. Get started today with CEB.