Performance Management Best Practices

Use Our Performance Management Best Practices To Tighten The Link to Organizational Objectives

Dissatisfaction with traditional performance management processes is on the rise. In fact, 95% of managers are dissatisfied with their performance management system, causing many organizations to evaluate their approach. The question remaining is what can be done to fix it? CEB can help you get the most out of your performance management.

CEB's Performance Management Solutions enable you to craft and implement a performance management approach that is both tailored to your unique needs, goals, and culture and grounded in insight, best practice, and benchmarking on world-class talent management. Through our research, we have found that the best companies improve performance management by tightening the link between performance management processes and organizational objectives.

This is done by:

  • Setting more flexible and responsive goals
  • Building ongoing performance feedback into everyday work
  • Making performance reviews more forward looking

Let CEB help you improve line satisfaction and drive organizational performance. Read our white paper to learn more about our performance management best practices.