HR Leadership

HR Leadership: Resources for Your Success

Strategic HR leadership begins with the creation of effective leadership development. More and more research points to leaders’ vital role in organizational performance, health, and effectiveness. The role that HR needs to play in creating effective leadership in their organization is crucial.

HR professionals are in the ideal position to create an explicit explanation of what leadership means in their particular organizational context by defining what good leadership means and creating systems, processes and policies that support good leadership. Leading the HR function requires you to work with multiple functions within your organization, providing guidance and feedback as managers attempt to reward and support their teams. If HR can nurture good leadership, they can become instrumental in securing the future of a functioning workforce. CEB recognizes that you need external resources to address those needs and as a result produces the CHRO Quarterly magazine. The goal of the Quarterly is to provide you with those resources and keep you up-to-date on the newest trends in HR.

The Q2 2016 publication of the CHRO Quarterly provides insights to you about:

  • Developing HiPos in your organization
  • Making the talent review process work for your organization
  • Driving employee resource groups from awareness to impact

Access these insights in the CHRO Quarterly today.