How To Increase Your Sales

How To Increase Your Sales Using This Simple Guide

If your organization is like most, it's increasingly difficult to know what's happening on the front line. Commercial leaders are struggling to effectively share the best sales practices, lacking visibility on daily performance, and ultimately hoping that managers are providing reliable coaching.

Our research finds that without proper coaching and practice, 87% of learning is lost within a month. This results in a loss of resources, money, and time. There is no better way to lose customer attention and loyalty than when a salesperson misses the mark on delivering a commercial insight or fumbles through the response to a proposed relevant question. Success comes from an established repeatable sales process your team can and will want to follow to increase sales, step up productivity, and manage all their day-to-day activities.

In order to improve sales productivity, organizations must have their new hires do the following:

  • Comprehend the core business strategy
  • Learn best practices from their peers
  • Understand the support resources available
  • Practice and receive feedback before ever getting in front of their prospects

To learn how to increase your sales and to do this scalably—without reinventing the wheel for each new hire, download CEB’s guide to learn more today.