How To Get More Sales

How To Get More Sales Without Reinventing the Wheel

With the increase in sales complexity (both internal and external), as well as more geographically dispersed teams, sellers are often forced to try and continue their application of learning on their own. Having managers simply demand compliance and application is not enough to drive results. A winning strategy has be adopted and utilized to come close to its goal of selling through organization, efficiency,  and through deeper and relevant customer relationships.

Without proper coaching and practice, isolation occurs and can lead sellers to turn to their peers more and more for help. When combined with manager feedback and coaching, “social proof” and peer influence, including best practice sharing, will truly drive behavior change and results.

A success strategy on how to get more sales comes from:

  • An established repeatable sales process your team can and will want to follow
  • A clear process to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities
  • Understanding the support resources available to them and where they can access them
  • Practice with constructive feedback before ever getting in front of their prospects

Download this helpful CEB guide on learning customer ready practices today.