How To Fix Performance Management

Fix Performance Management: Tighten The Link To Organizational Objectives

Dissatisfaction with company performance management is at an all-time high today. Even the highest performers in organizations see performance reviews as highly demotivating and of little practical value. Today's managers and employees complain that they spend too much time on performance management documentation, forms, and administrative tasks that have little to no impact on their actual performance and instead detract from their ability to do work. In fact, 59% of employees feel performance management reviews are not worth the investment of time. 

Due to these high levels of dissatisfaction, 80% of organizations are considering making a major change to performance management process or already have. Is this how it is at your company, and if so, the question is: what can be done to fix it?

Formal performance management processes are often disconnected from your organizational objectives. To tighten the link, the best companies ensure they design a process that:

  • Sets more responsive and flexible goals
  • Builds ongoing performance feedback part of everyday work
  • Designs performance reviews to be more forward-looking

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