How To Drive Customer Loyalty

Teach Your Customer Service Reps How To Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer engagement and loyalty is driven in large part by the amount of required customer effort.  Ninety-six percent of customers who have to put forth a high effort in order to resolve their issues are more disloyal/less engaged, while only nine percent of those with low effort interactions are more disloyal. Creating low-effort customer interactions should be the clear goal for your customer service organization.  Service representatives have the biggest opportunity to impact, either positively or negatively, your customer effort, as 65% of the perceived effort comes from how a customer feels during an interaction, rather than what a customer actually does.

Low-effort service starts with teaching reps 4 skills, namely how to:  

  1. Flex their communication styles to suit that of the customer
  2. Use positive language in both verbal in written communications
  3. Identify and acknowledge any pre-existing customer "baggage"
  4. Preemptively and proactively anticipate and resolve the next likely customer issue

Learn how to equip your team to drive your customer loyalty today by downloading your copy of our white paper: Key Capabilities to Drive Contact Center Rep Performance.