How Important Is Customer Loyalty

Learn How Important Low-Effort Solutions Are To
Customer Loyalty

Most companies use the terms "customer loyalty" and "customer satisfaction" interchangeably. In fact, focusing on drivers of customer satisfaction can inhibit customer loyalty.

Though the formula of good advertising, products or services, and values is still important, there are other considerations that businesses can’t afford to neglect. CEB’s work on the “Effortless Experience” shows that the most important determinant of whether a customer is loyal is how little effort they have to put in to dealing with the company.

With CEB’s effortless solutions, develop strategies that:

  • Keep in mind that more is not necessarily better – create simple customer-tested self-service tools and FAQs that mirror customer voice and expectations
  • Uncover what scenarios are most likely to make customers have to move from the web self-service portal to the phone and solutions to routing enquiries to a better systemized way
  • Avoid the cost and customer disloyalty that comes with high-exertion customer service practices

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