Employee Talent Assessment

Improve Your Talent Assessment

Organizations succeed or fail according to the strength of their employees. But how many organizations have as sound an understanding of their employees as they do of their finances? Failing to recognize your top talent can be as damaging as overlooking the appreciation of a valuable piece of real estate.

HR professionals responsible for talent assessment strategies need to evolve their role to see improved business outcomes. Specifically, they must move from being process managers to becoming Talent Advisors, embedding talent strategy as part of decision-making throughout the business.

Recruiting teams with Talent Advisor capabilities see tangible benefits, such as lower cost per hire or improved candidate fit, yet just 19% of recruiters qualify as Talent Advisors. In addition, an effective recruiting process must enable recruiters to:

  • Efficiently manage high and diverse applicant volumes
  • Identify the best-fitting candidates and draw them further into the process
  • Accurately identify the top candidates: those who will be successful in the roles they are filling.

Learn how the best companies establish a world-class assessment function, and harness assessment innovations to solve five particularly challenging talent problems.