Cyber Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Risk Management

Many of today's CISOs, unfortunately, have only limited decision-making power and executive buy-in in their ability to manage information risks, yet often take the lion's share of the blame for any information security problems, even when business partners have been alerted to risks and potential consequences. Your company's cyber security risk management approach should be better, allowing your CISO and their team to function in a more efficient manner.

To better support cyber security risk management decisions, information security functions must evolve from solely that of an information risk reduction role and instead to a true comprehensive focus on information risk management.

Our white paper presentation can be critical in helping your company's information security team with the transformation into true risk management leader. The paper will demonstrate new ideas and concepts like:

  • Learning the capabilities needed for true risk management
  • Accessing how to improve your overall risk management effectiveness through changes in your core risk activities and priorities.

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