Change Management Communication Plan

Secure Buy-In With the Right Change Management Communication Plan

Employees are exhausted by frequent and substantial change, a feeling now made worse by the overwhelming volume of information being shared in today’s work environment. This change fatigue hurts performance and undermines change initiatives. To be an effective change management communication plan you must relate to what an employee cares about and values and consider their personal impact in the change.

As you plan for new initiatives and projects, some attempt to ease the burden of continuous change by framing it as natural and healthy. But, consider making a much bigger impact by focusing on building capability rather than on commitment. Further, you need to answer the questions, "Why is this change happening?" and "What is the risk of not changing?”.

Successful companies consider the following when creating a change management communication plan:

  • Who will deliver communications in your organization?
  • What are the business issues, strategy, and reasons for change?
  • Are you creating opportunities for two-way communication to provide their feedback and ask questions?
  • What assessment tools will you be using to evaluate the effectiveness of the change?

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