CEB Challenger Sales Training

CEB Challenger Sales Training

Research shows that the sales experience alone drives 53% of customer loyalty, more than all other loyalty drivers combined. To build customer loyalty, you need to invest in developing your sales team's specific set of selling skills to effectively capture customer insight during the sales process.

CEB Challenger Sales TrainingTM is designed to support the shift in commercial strategy by developing your sellers’ Challenger skills. The program was developed using our best practice research on training and development with the objective of embedding Challenger skills and behaviors in your company in a sustainable way. 

Of the five known seller profiles, Challengers are 4.5 times more likely to be a high performer in a complex sales environment and aim to:

  • Personalize sales message to the customer
  • Know how to drive the customer to a decision
  • Lead the sales approach with new commercial insights (thus, teaching the customer something previously unknown)
  • Positively affect the customer’s business
  • Require a low investment of a customer’s time

Many B2B sales organizations are overwhelmingly adopting the Challenger model as the way to win deals. To learn more about how CEB can help you develop Challenger selling skills, download your copy of The Challenger Sale: Driving Growth by Taking Control of the Customer Conversation.