B2B Selling

Today's complex business environment requires a new approach to B2B selling

The traditional approach to B2B selling no longer works in today's complex business environment – customers simply don't need sales reps in the same way they used to. B2B buyers do independent research and set their own purchase criteria in advance of any meaningful contact with a supplier. In fact, customers are now 57% of  the way through the purchase process before their first interaction with a seller.

At CEB, our research shows that the purchase experience is the greatest source of differentiation for B2B sellers. Those sellers who give customers unique insights into solving specific business problems are best suited to win. We call these sellers Challenger™ reps. They take back control of the purchase conversation in a way that leads customers back to the unique strengths of their organization. 

CEB Challenger Sales Training helps your sales team:

  • Create commercial insights that reframe your customers' viewpoints,
  • Develop a content strategy that engages customers where they learn, and
  • Identify new hires with Challenger skills and develop Challenger skills in your existing sales force.

Download The New High Performer whitepaper to learn more about how CEB can help you develop Challenger selling skills.