Agile Organization's Business And Process Transformation

Prepare For Opportunity And Challenges: An Agile Organization's Business And Process Transformation

Does your organization have the abilities to rapidly re-organize and even reconfigure in order to capitalize on immediate, and perhaps only temporary, market opportunities? Realizing the importance of agility and the role of flexible re-organization of resources is the first step to an agile organization's business and process transformation.

People fear change, and often don't know what agile looks like or even its underlying principles. To achieve a successful agile business vision you must find solutions that make your initiative receptive to change. With CEB, develop a comprehensive, strategic response to fundamental and irreversible structural changes that are undermining your economic foundations. Further, prepare to have the necessary resources and processes in place to meet every challenge – and opportunity.

CEB has identified the top three actions that speed up corporate delivery:

  • Improve hand-offs between stakeholders
  • Triage and simplify management processes
  • Determine and stop escalating lower-value decisions

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