Agile Business Transitions

The Need For Leadership Buy-In For Agile Business Transitions

Maintaining the status quo cannot be a business model in today’s organizations seeking success. Before learning ways that will enable us to be more productive, efficient, and valuable leaders we must have an overall understanding of the organizational culture. Further, you shouldn't underestimate the strength of resistance you may encounter. Agile business transitions require advanced solutions that can spot early warning signs and find solutions to make the initiative receptive to change.

To truly drive an agile change within an organization, it requires change to be embraced not only from IT, but every key player that is involved in the overall business success. By incorporating the other arenas within the organization, each player better understands their role, their impact, and their value in the process.

CEB research show more than 70% of organizations report that the rate of change has increased—and is accelerating—owing to factors such as:

  • New social and digital business models
  • Global competition and consumer demand
  • Widespread market volatility and more active regulators

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