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What Do Today's Most Successful Leaders Look Like?

Leaders are navigating increasingly complex organizations and expectations are higher than ever...

Over 80% of leaders have more, and more diverse responsibilities

Many leaders respond by focusing narrowly on their individual performance in their direct span of control

70% of leaders are strong at individual task performance

But leaders with the most impact aren't just solid individual performers, they take a broader view to deliver stronger business performance as a collective. We call this capability enterprise leadership

"We need our leaders to think about how to drive the organization's top and bottom line numbers, not just their own business units"
- Head of HR, Hospitality Organization

But enterprise leaders are few and far between. The ability to find and build more of these leaders is a significant opportunity for organizations worldwide...

Only 1 in 10 leaders are enterprise leaders

What Enterprise Leadership Looks Like

enterprise leadership infographic
The New Model for Leadership Success

Worldwide, CEO’s are strategizing how to create 'one-company' results, where everyone thinks and acts in the best interest of the overall enterprise. Are your leaders working this way?