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Are your Leaders Missing the Bigger Picture?

CBE Analysis Infographic

Are your leaders great at executing within a narrow scope of control, but missing the bigger picture? The best leaders break down collaboration barriers and empower teams.

However, most organizations fail to assess, develop, or reward network capabilities and behaviors. CEB's new leadership insight and solution helps organizations redefine leadership, focusing on the leader behaviors with proven return on investment.

We enable you to:

Assess your individual leaders to determine their enterprise leadership capabilities

Gain insight into the strength of leadership across your organization

Compare results to industry, geography, and leadership segment benchmarks

Design targeted leadership development intiatives at both, individual, and organizational levels

Equip leaders with the framework and tools to shift leader and team behavior toward networked performance

Apply best practices to your own organization

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High-impact leaders build networks, navigating the growing complexity at work to drive enterprise-wide results, but only 1 in 10 leaders do this today. The CEB Enterprise Leadership Solution changes that. Get started today.