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Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transition Resources

Use these complimentary tools to optimize your own leadership transition.

Anatomy of a World-Class
Leadership Transition

Based on 25 years of research in partnership with more than 1,000 global organizations, we have identified the key actions leaders can take to dramatically boost the likelihood of transition success. This anatomy highlights such actions and spotlights Leadership Transition Support resources that can be used to execute against them.

Accelerating Your Time to Impact:
Four Keys to a Successful Leadership Transition

New leaders face an overwhelming number of tasks during their first few months in seat. What should they prioritize? We asked that question in a study comprising data from nearly 6,000 leaders and hundreds of interviews with recently transitioned leaders at large organizations. We identified the controllable actions leaders can take to dramatically boost the likelihood of success. This white paper presents our proprietary framework of action steps that can accelerate your time to success in a new leadership role by up to nine months.

Leadership Transitions

This whitepaper identifies the drivers of successful leadership transitions and best practices to overcome the common pitfalls.  While a relatively small portion of all executive transitions fail spectacularly, 46% of all executives underperform during the course of their transitions. The most successful transitions replace a 'do it yourself', executive-driven approach with a carefully engineered transition experience that provides tailored support for four key transition types across an extended time horizon, and ensures active participation from a broad transition support network.

Webinar Replay:
Driving Change Through Leadership Transitions

The most successful transitioning leaders are not shy about making changes in their new organizations and have the skills required to drive that change.  Indeed, possessing change management skills increases the likelihood of transition success by up to 49%.  Having strong change management skills is critical given that a poorly-executed change initiative can profoundly damage organizations.  Such initiatives can make employees confused, doubtful, and disoriented, driving them to make poor decisions or have trouble considering alternatives. Change initiatives can also drive stress which can decrease employees' performance by almost 10%.

Access this replay to learn how to drive change as you move into a new role. We were joined by David A. Heath, Former Head of Global Sales at Nike, Inc. and discussed the best approaches to communicating during a period of change and how to equip your employees to be part of the change.