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A Common Challenge for Transitioning Leaders

New-to-role leaders feel pressured to achieve quick wins but have limited time to absorb the overwhelming amount of new information required for effective decision making. Listening tours are often used to pressure-test urgent focus areas, but although they are great for relationship building, they are not the best option for information gathering. Listening tours are not only time-consuming but can also feed new leaders with biased information.

Make quick and efficient decisions by rapidly gaining objective stakeholder feedback on your function’s performance, potential, strategies, and culture.


CEB's Faster Forward Can Help

New leaders who can quickly and objectively identify the right areas to focus on are more likely to achieve a quick win, which results in 20% more positive manager feedback. By gathering information in a structured fashion, FasterForward not only enables new leaders' effective decision making but also allows them to earn stakeholder trust and buy-in.

FasterForward provides senior executives with in-depth intelligence on the following:

  • Functional performance—Operations and stakeholder understanding
  • Team potential—Competencies and engagement
  • Current strategies—Clarity, correctness, and achievability

Additional information on the organization’s culture also can be gathered.