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Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transitions Impact Team Performance and Engagement

New leaders with effective transition planning and execution reach their potential 9 months faster than those with average transition processes. And successful transitions not only accelerate time-to-impact, but they also improve team performance and engagement. In fact, direct reports of successful transitioning leaders are 15% more effective at their own jobs than the average, and 21% less prone to attrition.

But Most Transitioning Leaders Do Not Get The Support They Need


Even though transitions impact organizational performance and occur regularly, new-to-role executives do not receive the support they need. Often, transitioning leaders have an underprepared (or non-existent) support community: more than 70% of executives are not effective at supporting new-to-role peers and managers.

We Can Help

Based on 25 years of research in partnership with more than 1,000 global organizations, we have identified the key actions leaders can take to dramatically boost the likelihood of transition success.  These actions not only focus on the transitioning executive but also target the “transition community:” the manager, direct reports and peers of transitioning executives.

Whitepaper: Accelerating Your Time to Impact

Learn our proprietary framework of action steps to accelerate your time to success in a new leadership role.

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