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CEB Ignition™

Complete Key Projects Quickly

CEB Ignition™ Guides deliver the tools you need to execute your plans faster. Like our best practice insights, these guides are aligned with our members' most important projects, and the logical structure enables teams to get started quickly with minimal oversight. You'll have what you need to operate at a new, faster speed by taking the right action in the right way.

  • Start Quickly: Jump-start key projects with step-by-step guidance, complete with tools and templates.
  • Reduce Friction: Avoid common pitfalls with a clear path to success.
  • Prevent Rework: Learn what the best leaders are doing through proven real-world solutions.
  • Improve Coordination: Provide a common framework, shareable throughout the organization.
  • Maximize Throughput: Standardize project execution into a common, learnable form factor.

CEB Ignition™ Guides are included with CEB Leadership Council membership. Learn more about joining CEB, now Gartner.