CEB Ignition™

Make the Right Decisions—Faster

Executives are under tremendous pressure to create immediate and measureable impact, yet more stakeholders, process, and risk aversion means everything just takes more time.  In this environment, making decisions around when, where, and how to adjust strategic priorities is more challenging than ever before.

Leaders need better tools—and often, better justification—to build more effective strategic plans. What's needed is the ability to make the right decisions, faster. At CEB, we're helping organizations be both fast and right with our new CEB Ignition™ resources.

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CEB Ignition™ resources enable you to spark change, and ensure you're on the right path for faster execution of your plans.

CEB Ignition™ Resources

Measure the maturity and importance of key management activities, and identify the biggest opportunities for performance improvements to ensure your limited resources are focused on the right areas.

Step-by-step playbooks with the necessary resources, including action-oriented tools and templates, to accomplish key projects faster.

Together, our CEB Ignition™ resources will enable you to spark change, and ensure you’re on the right path for faster execution of your strategic plan.