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U.S. Talent Trends

Business confidence and perceptions of job opportunities have started to improve globally with more encouraging job reports and optimism among U.S. employees. This positive outlook comes on the heels of major uncertainty in the U.S. around the presidential election. Despite this, job-seeking activity increased more than 7 percent while fewer employees are willing to go above and beyond or intend to stay in their current jobs.

Though overall confidence in the labor market is improving, there is a 10-15 percent disparity between men and women’s perceptions. While 29 percent of men believe that President Trump’s policies will improve compensation, benefits, and career opportunities, only 19 percent of women agree. Confidence is not evenly distributed among industries either. Employees in the oil & gas, mining and manufacturing industries are expecting the biggest positive impact, while employees in media, education and non-profits are expecting a negative impact.

With the potential for high turnover and misalignment between employee expectations and reality, business leaders must work to retain talent and keep employees engaged and productive. This includes providing opportunities for career progression, communicating openly about compensation and rewards, and finding ways to keep female employees engaged to build a more gender diverse leadership population by.


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