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U.S. Talent Trends

The U.S. labor market is facing a uniquely perplexing dichotomy that is presenting challenges for employers looking to attract and motivate top talent. On the one hand, economic indicators are strong and the unemployment rate has remained low.  Conversely, employers who are actively recruiting are facing some unfavorable conditions. Forty-five percent of employees are expressing a high intent to stay in their current positions and only one out of every five employees indicates a high willingness to go above and beyond in their jobs – a rate at an all-time low. To make matters more challenging, employees are not seeing the incentives they need—higher pay, better benefits—to either transition to a new company or exceed expectations in their current role.

Since the average U.S. employee is not seeing notable wage growth or other reward incentives for working harder, companies must show their employees’ tangible returns associated with the efforts they are putting forth.

Organizations should invest in the development of strategic processes through the implementation of key human resources tools to help identify growth opportunities for the company’s workforce, develop stronger management teams and transform their culture to pinpoint more ways to attract, maintain and motivate talent.


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