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U.S. Talent Trends

The U.S. economy continued to improve in Q2 2017, as did employee perceptions of external job opportunities. This confidence, plus a low unemployment rate of 4.35 percent, equals a labor market that employees find favorable. Even though employees feel optimistic about their ability to find a new job, this is not yet translating into increased job seeking. In fact, job search activity in the U.S. decreased almost 7 percent from Q1 to Q2.

When weighing new opportunities, U.S. workers are increasingly concerned with health benefits, now the second most important attribute for employees considering a potential employer. Respect has also increased in importance to employees. Employees are more willing to evaluate the organizational values of their employers and how they embody those values – whether it’s committing to providing adequate health care benefits, better parental leave or committing to creating a more diverse workforce.

Organizations looking to attract – and retain – talent must focus on understanding the shifting priorities and expectations of employees and incorporating these into their Employment Value Proposition. By including the attributes that matter most to employees, such as health benefits, compensation and respect – and delivering on their promises – organizations can attract better quality candidates.



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