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U.S. Talent Trends

The war for talent wages on. Now more than ever, employers must bend to the will of their top talent to keep them engaged, challenged and fulfilled. With the unemployment rate hovering at a 17-year low, the pool of job seekers is shallow and new data suggests that U.S. employees are increasingly becoming enticed by the potential for bigger and better opportunities that offer ideal compensation, work-life balance and location. In fact, job opportunity perceptions in the U.S. marketplace this quarter hit an all-time high, coming in at 52.4 percent.

With an improving global economy, discretionary effort levels (which represent employee willingness to go above and beyond) have significantly fallen over the last year, alongside the percentage of employees reporting high intent to stay with their current employers. As more employees consider their options, organizations should seek to better understand the drivers of employee engagement, which will enable them to both retain their best employees and boost their productivity. Organizations should prioritize optimizing their employment value proposition; the most effective EVP will focus on the attributes that matter most to employees, like compensation and work-life balance, and will deliver on these priorities



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