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U.S. Talent Trends

Despite a robust U.S. economy featuring a historically low unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, and continued optimism about the job landscape, the number of employees actively seeking new opportunities has not increased. In fact, 46 percent of U.S. employees expressed a high intent to stay in their current jobs, well above the international average of 35 percent. While these numbers would appear to be good news for employers looking to retain top talent, few employees expressed a willingness to go above and beyond. Only 24 percent of U.S. employees reported high discretionary effort, a number that has not significantly changed over the past year, though it remains higher than the global average of 16 percent.

Employees’ waning inspiration to exceed job expectations, coupled with their plans to stay in their current positions, could lead to productivity declines unless employers consider key motivation tactics. As compensation remains the top driver of attraction for U.S. workers, employers should consider addressing wage growth to inspire their talent. Additionally, organizations should deploy key employee engagement tools, starting with an initial employee engagement assessment, to provide managers with the insight to identify the best ways to motivate talent. 



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