Global Talent Monitor

UK Talent Trends

Confidence in the European jobs market touched an all-time high in Q2 2017. Along with record levels of employment in the UK, employees’ perceptions of job opportunities improved for the second consecutive quarter. However, this renewed optimism has not yet translated into higher levels of job search activity.

In Q2, UK workers reported lower levels of proactive job-seeking and indicated they were more likely to stick with their current employers for the next six months compared to previous quarters. At the same time, more employees worked harder in their jobs. Seventeen per cent of the UK workforce were going above and beyond in their roles, up two percentage points from the previous quarter and on par with the global average.

While fewer employees are taking tangible steps to find new jobs, it is clear that workers are less than satisfied with their careers prospects and managers. For the seventh consecutive quarter, UK workers ranked restricted career growth, poor people management and a lack of recognition among the top drivers of attrition.

To prevent top talent from leaving, employers should take steps to improve development strategies and address manager quality. By changing manager mindsets, employees will access better support and development, saving companies millions of pounds in retention costs each year.


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