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UK Talent Trends

As the Government embarks on post-Referendum negotiations and businesses are held in limbo until consensus is reached, uncertainty reigns. When asked expressly about Brexit, nearly a third (30 per cent) of workers believe it will have a negative impact on their careers, and the same proportion anticipate it will have major financial implications for their employers.

Despite looming concerns, there has been little change in how the UK’s workforce feels about the job market, their personal prospects and what motivates them—or doesn’t—when it comes to work.

In fact, perceptions of job opportunities in the UK cooled slightly, but are on par with Germany and remain the strongest in Europe. Active job-seeking slowed globally but just 1 per cent fewer UK workers were on the lookout for new jobs (18 per cent). And their willingness to go above than beyond remained relatively unchanged.

If leaders want to keep workers engaged and productive, they need to set expectations that change is the new normal, especially in light of global events.

Rather than going underground to formulate a “battle plan,” leaders should talk openly about business challenges when they do not have all the answers. By having a conversation strategy, not just a communication strategy, more employees can understand the company direction and feel included in change. This in turn makes them feel less anxious about the future.

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