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UK Talent Trends

New analysis argues that the slowdown of the British economy is due to a combination of weak productivity and potential growth, rather than the uncertainty of Brexit.

Despite this, employment prospects in the UK held steady in Q3 2017 and more employees kept their eye on the jobs market for new positions. In fact, job-seeking activity in the UK increased 5 per cent, which may have prompted the sharp drop in levels of intent to stay – 68 per cent of workers have started to consider their next job move.

With more workers thinking about and pursuing job opportunities at other companies, a mere 15.7 per cent of employees report a high willingness to go above and beyond at work.

Productivity has been a long running issue for the UK and employers need to evaluate and redesign their employee value proposition to ensure it delivers on what matters most to their top talent. As a matter of priority, companies should look at improving flexible working arrangements and development strategies, as these continue to be the top reasons people cite for leaving their employers. 


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