Global Talent Monitor

South Africa Talent Trends

Last quarter revealed a vast expectation-reality gap in how South African employees perceive their compensation. In Q4 that gap narrowed. Workers are becoming more realistic about what their employers can reasonably provide in a downturn economy. As a result, compensation is no longer the main driver of attraction; instead workers are placing higher value on job stability and security.

To that end, levels of discretionary effort have been declining in most other countries, the number of workers going above and beyond the call of duty in South Africa increased by 3 points. Rather than getting distracted by slow economic growth and political infighting, employees have been doubling down at work and keeping focused on their jobs.

During these periods of uncertainty, workers want reassurance that their jobs are safe and secure. Rather than over-promising and making commitments about stability, leaders in South Africa should acknowledge their employees’ hard work and reward them with development opportunities. They also need to listen to the ideas and concerns from employees to show their perspectives are valued and respected.


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