Global Talent Monitor

South Africa Talent Trends

With South Africa’s unemployment rate continuing to rise – reaching the highest level in eight years – and a severe slowdown on its core sectors, pessimism prevails. As a result, confidence in the business environment is dwindling and the quality of job opportunities available is deteriorating, which is causing more employees to stick with their employers rather than risk moving on.

While employees are staying put, that doesn’t mean they are giving it their all. Discretionary effort is now at its lowest point since the end of 2014, having dropped 4 percent this quarter. While this remains comfortably above the global average, employees’ engagement and performance will continue to erode if they feel their contributions are not adequately recognized or compensated. In fact, compensation continues to be a dominant driver of attrition and attraction.

To keep employees motivated, firms should instead look to strengthen pay packets with in-kind benefits and non-cash rewards in recognition of individual achievements. During periods of uncertainty many workers will also crave stability, but greater damage to employee commitment is caused by organizations over-promising and under-delivering. To drive commitment, they should enable employees to manage their work-life balance with greater flexibility; allowing work schedules to be personalized so staff can deliver business results as well as meet commitments in their personal lives.

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