Global Talent Monitor

South Africa Talent Trends

Despite the deepening political crisis in South Africa spilling uncertainty into the economy, confidence in the jobs market looks to be on the rebound, regaining three percentage points from the previous quarter’s severe drop.

Even with this increased confidence, job creation has been slow and with fewer new job opportunities available more employees (37 percent) are planning to stick with their current employers. However, while the number of workers intending to stay increased (4 per cent), so too did the proportion of workers intending to leave – 17 percent indicated they had one foot out of the door.

Employees in South Africa are most likely to leave their jobs because of their compensation packages. Workers are most dissatisfied with how their firm rewards and/or promotes people. For companies that are looking to lure top talent away from their current positions, compensation is still important but a better  work-life balance  is the aspect of work employees are most interested in improving.

Organizations looking to maximize their employees’ commitment, need to ensure their Employee Value Proposition delivers on what their workers want most. Delivering on the right EVP will enable employers to strengthen employee engagement and satisfaction while bolstering productivity and ultimately to retaining their hardworking people.


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