Global Talent Monitor

South Africa Talent Trends

As South Africa is gripped by the biggest political crisis in a decade and economic instability reigns, employee confidence in the business environment has been knocked. As a result, perceptions of opportunities in the jobs market and job-seeking activity both dropped two points in Q1.

Shaken by uncertainty, South African employees are craving stability and security. So while compensation and work-life balance continue to be major sources of dissatisfaction, a third (32 percent) of the workforce are clinging to their jobs. Most workers are choosing to keep their heads down and get their work done rather than risk the gloomy labor market.

South African organization should be vigilant about the workforce and their needs. Leaders need to be realistic and transparent with employees about the future. To keep employees happy and productive, leaders should talk openly about business challenges even when they don’t have all the answers, and create opportunities for employees to speak up, ask questions and share ideas.


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