Global Talent Monitor

Germany Talent Trends

As debate heats up between parties ahead of Germany’s election on September 24, the country’s strong labour market and robust economy looks set to continue in the second half of the year.

Despite steadily declining unemployment and the labour market tightening, employers in Germany look to be losing their stickiness as levels of intent to stay continue the downward trend. Dropping six points in the last 12 months, the proportion of workers with a strong desire to stay with their current employer (40%) is rapidly shrinking. At the same time, job-seeking activity increased for the second consecutive quarter with 20% of workers taking proactive steps to pursue job opportunities at other companies.

While compensation continues to be the strongest incentive for workers to switch organisations, employees are increasingly interested in working for organisations that respect individuals in the workforce. In fact, compared to their peers globally, employees in Germany are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their employer’s standards and commitment to ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility.

Employees want to know that their employers are delivering on the promises they make. To retain their best employees and boost their productivity, leaders need to listen and respond to these issues, explaining the progress that’s been made and future measures to improve.


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