Global Talent Monitor

Germany Talent Trends

The German economic outlook is favorable as employment and exports hit record highs and business confidence rivaled levels last seen at the beginning of 2014. Despite solid growth, salaries increased by only 1.8 percent in 2016.

While Germany continues to drive Europe’s steady recovery, workers are growing restless. Intent to stay dropped 4 percent in Q4 and job-seeking behavior – such as placing phone calls to recruiters or sending out résumés – increased 8 percent. This indicates that more workers are considering switching employers and fewer are applying themselves fully in their jobs.

Now more than ever, firms need to keep employees engaged and productive. With a new President in the U.S., Britain exiting the EU and political campaigning ramping-up closer to home, the only certainty is change. As such, leaders should talk openly about business challenges even when they do not have all the answers. By having a conversation strategy, leaders help workers understand the company direction and feel more included in changes, which will reinforce the reciprocal commitment between employers and employees.


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