Global Talent Monitor

Germany Talent Trends

According to the latest figures, the German economy has been firing on all cylinders, with business confidence rising to the highest levels in over 25 years and manufacturing and construction bolstering growth. This boom only served to strengthen the jobs market, as vacancies hit an all-time high and peaked at 1.064 million unfilled posts.

With record numbers of jobs available, job-seeking activity surged 7 percent compared to the same period last year. At the same time, levels of intent to stay dropped for the second consecutive quarter, but remained 9 percent above the global average. These figures suggest that more workers are considering future careers with other firms and are open to learning about new opportunities; however, just 19 percent of the workforce is taking proactive steps to find a new job.

While compensation continues to be the strongest incentive for workers to switch organizations, they expect no meaningful change in financial incentives from their current employer. However, offering greater financial incentives is not the silver bullet for keeping workers engaged and productive. As more employees pull back from work in an attempt to strike a better work-life balance, leading organizations are seeing greater impact from offering more flexibility in how and where their people work.


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