Global Talent Monitor

China Talent Trends

There continues to be a tug-of-war in China for talented candidates. According to the Chinese Institute for Employment Research (CIER), while there are job openings for skilled labor, and employees acknowledge there are good jobs to be had, few are applying. In fact, just over 35 percent of employees’ report high intent to stay in their jobs, a figure that has been increasing steadily over the past few quarters.

While 35 percent of workers are content to stay in their current roles, only 10 percent report a high willingness to go above and beyond on the job. This conundrum has presented organizations with a challenge: how do they entice well qualified candidates that aren’t looking for another job but also aren’t so happy with their current employer that there are going above and beyond at work?

One way is for organizations to develop and implement an attractive employment value proposition that focuses on the attributes that matter most to employees. In China, while there is still a premium placed on compensation, it isn’t the perk that will land new talent. Rather, organizations should highlight the opportunities they offer for development, which Chinese workers ranked as the second most important factor when considering a new job opportunity. 


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