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Australia Talent Trends

Business conditions in Australia remain slightly above average, however, a lack of business confidence coupled with the declining intent to stay and discretionary effort should put HR managers on alert as they close off the year.

Employee willingness to do more at work is the lowest it’s been in six years, down from 26 per cent to 19. At the same time, intent to stay has fallen to a 2016 low, declining nearly five per cent in the year. Although both remain above the international average, if left overlooked, this downward trend can negatively impact culture and satisfaction leading to poor business performance.

Low intent to stay can be attributed to factors such as frustration with lack of future career opportunities, poor manager quality and absent development opportunities. These are continuously cited as the main reasons Australian employees will leave their current role.

To boost performance, employers should focus on engagement strategies and the elements of their employee value proposition that deliver on those that most increase morale and commitment.

Promoting employee development and career opportunities can also help drive productivity and engagement into 2017

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