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Australia Talent Trends

With five of Australia’s State capitals (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth) now ranked in the top 20 most expensive cities in the world, the pressure for workers to juggle living and commuting costs with career aspirations has reached a fever pitch.

Australians have long prioritised work/life balance as they seek out new job opportunities; but for the first time, it is also the number one reason they will leave an organisation.

A lack of flexibility won’t be tolerated by a workforce that knows sophisticated technology and remote connectivity could enable them to achieve their workplace KPIs from any location.

The pressure for employees to ‘have it all’ and balance professional and personal aspirations has created two significant challenges for employers:

  1. Talent will leave if they aren’t offered flexible conditions – and they’re confident that roles are available elsewhere (the perception of job opportunities in Australia increased by 2.5 per cent in Q4)
  2. The number of disenchanted workers will continue to rise, jeopardising productivity (effort levels fell 1.5 per cent in Q4 to continue a six-year downward trend)

To reengage staff and find out what motivates them when it comes to their job, employers must make open conversations with staff a priority; progressive organisations will consider this feedback when reviewing their employee value proposition.


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