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Global Talent Trends Q3 2016

More employees seem to be “quitting in seat” this quarter. As global job-seeking activity declines (after two consecutive quarters of growth), employees plan to stay with their current employers, but not to go above and beyond on the job.

Given the unpredictability in the UK post-Brexit, it’s not surprising to see a 2 percent decrease in job-seeking activity there. In fact, it appears that uncertainty in the job market has spread throughout Europe as several countries – France, Spain and Germany among them – reported similar declines. Facing its own uncertainty surrounding the presidential election, job-seeking activity in the U.S. declined almost 1.5 percent.

In addition to political uncertainty, companies are also facing an unprecedented amount of organizational change. To retain employees and keep them productive, leaders should pay particular attention to how they are engaging employees. Rather than just improving employee engagement, the best organizations also align employees to key outcomes and business priorities. This alignment of employees with business goals helps sustain engagement and performance over the long term.

Best and Worst Places for Job Seekers: Q2 2016

View the map to see where employees are most and least optimistic about their job prospects and to understand how active they are in seeking new opportunities.

Guidance for Talent-Focused Executives

Brian Kropp

Employees are feeling the effects of political uncertainty and organizational change and the “quitting in seat” phenomenon is growing. Job seeking is down and employees are not going above and beyond on the job, yet they aren’t inclined to leave their current position. In this quarter’s podcast, CEB HR Practice Leader, Brian Kropp, shares an overview of the global labor market and actionable strategies to help leaders retain their best people while ensuring a productive workplace. Listen Now.

Q2 2016 Podcast

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