Global Talent Monitor

Global Talent Trends Q2 2017

Employees’ perceptions of job opportunities increased 1.2 percent globally in Q2 2017, though North America and Latin America bucked this trend and decreased. Yet, an improvement in job perceptions did not translate into more job seeking. In fact, employees’ intent to stay at their current job increased for the first time since Q2 2016. Moreover, workers were more willing to go above and beyond in their jobs with levels of discretionary effort rising by almost 1.5 percent. Overall, employees are working harder and staying longer.

In addition to feeling more confident about their prospects in the job market, employee expectations of merit increases also went up. Globally, workers expected their annual raise to increase 1 percent year-over-year. Employees now expect a merit increase of 4 percent going into 2018.

While compensation continues to be the top priority for jobseekers, they are also seeking more respect from their next employer. Survey results show that more employees globally have an increased focus on how organizations treat their workforce.

With more employees planning to stay in their current roles and employees increasing their effort levels at work, organizations have an opportunity to improve how they use their Employment Value Proposition to retain top talent. By prioritizing delivery of their EVP to focus on the attributes that matter to employees, such as work-life balance, compensation and respect, organizations can increase productivity while keeping their top talent in seat.


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