Global Talent Monitor

Global Talent Trends Q4 2016

Confidence in the broader business environment rose by 3 percent in Q4 as employees’ perceptions of the availability and quality of jobs improved in many regions. With more employees feeling better about their local and regional prospects, global job-seeking activity has also increased – significantly in many regions. In the U.S. and Germany, job-searching behavior has increased more than 7 percent, while India, Canada, the UK and Japan have all experienced an increase of more than 5 percent.

Though employees believe the economy and their own job prospects are slowly improving, they are less satisfied with their current jobs. As a result, discretionary effort continues to decline (a trend since mid-2013) and the percentage of employees who intend to stay in their current roles decreased globally in Q4 as well.

With more employees actively seeking new jobs, organizations have an opportunity to improve how they use their employment value proposition to attract top talent. To do this, companies must focus their EVP on the attributes that matter most to employees – career and development opportunities and compensation – and communicate effectively with prospective, and current, employees.


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