Executive Guidance

Unleashing the Power of a Corporate Narrative

Companies Are Losing
Control of Their Story

With the surge in mergers and acquisitions, leaders often struggle to develop a cohesive story that brings together the newly adopted brands, values and cultures. Without a singular corporate story, customers can be left confused and employees disengaged. To drive clarity and confidence through corporate messaging, leaders must:

  • Keep the narrative simple
  • Ensure flexibility to enable use across multiple situations
  • Maximize the narrative’s “fit” with users

Having a Narrative
Isn't Enough

Even the most thoughtful corporate narrative will fail if it isn't used consistently in day-to-day communications. For the average firm with a corporate narrative, over half of messages about company identity and direction do not use it.

That's because the crucial part to a successful corporate narrative is embedding it into the company culture. The best narratives work by reflecting what employees at all levels believe and do.


Quick Guide

Creating a Self-Service Narrative Portal

Design and organize resources that help employees create narrative-aligned messages.


Narrative Health Check

See how well your company is activating and employing a corporate narrative in day-to-day practice.


Building and Activating a Corporate Narrative

Enable employees to engage audiences by talking about the company’s identity and direction.

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