Executive Guidance

Driving Performance in Volatile Markets

Uncertainty is
the New Normal

Business leaders are under more pressure than ever to deliver results in a world of constantly changing resources, competition, and challenges. While companies have always dealt with unpredictability, the uncertainty they face today is unprecedented. Last year, 91% of organizations experienced a major organizational change (defined as M&A, significant restructuring, or senior leader transition), and this challenge will worsen: 73% of executives expect the frequency and magnitude of change to increase. 

Take Action to
Adapt Successfully

Unfortunately, too many leaders aren’t setting their organizations up for success in this new work environment. More than 80% are still managing as they’ve been taught, using top-down approaches. This strategy leads employees to lose confidence in their leaders and often resist changes for fear their efforts are being wasted on unproductive activities.

Shift to a more open and inclusive management approach to double the likelihood your organization will adapt successfully.


Top Tips

Managing Change

Prepare your team to deliver high performance in spite of sudden changes.


Redefine How You Lead New Initiatives

Use a talent-centric approach to enable your organization to deal with uncertainty.


Driving Performance in Volatile Markets Webinar

Access this webinar to learn how leaders must shift to a new management framework to enable their organization to succeed in an unpredictable business environment.

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