Executive Guidance

Accelerating Corporate Clock Speed

Enterprises must move faster to gain competitive advantage and manage emerging risks. Technology is increasingly the driver of corporate speed, but 63% of business leaders believe their enterprises are too slow to exploit technology opportunities; held back by the growth in stakeholders, greater technology experimentation, and heightened concerns about risk.

To ensure technology effectively accelerates corporate "clock speed", business and IT leaders must collaborate to streamline handoffs between technology stakeholders, create fast tracks to simplify management processes and methodologies, and delegate lower-value decisions.

Discover the actions that progressive companies are taking to improve corporate clock speed.

About Executive Guidance

Since 2009, CEB has delivered a series of cross-functional best practices to guide management teams facing key decisions in the year ahead through its Executive Guidance publications.

CEB produces new issues quarterly, focusing on the top trends influencing bottom-line performance in the new work environment and prescriptive guidance for members on how to embrace them in their own organizations.

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