Executive Guidance

The New Quality Imperative:
Using Culture to Secure Competitive Advantage

With the rise of social media, providing a high-quality customer experience is more important than ever. More than 25% of consumers say they have used social media to complain about a company and its products.

Building a strong quality image can help companies avoid the next round of viral consumer punishment and also lead to significant competitive advantage. Unfortunately, traditional rules-based quality improvement processes do not align with the new working environment. Instead, companies must help employees view quality as critical to their own jobs by embedding it as a core value in the company’s culture.

Read Executive Guidance to learn the three actions leaders can take to create a culture of quality.

About Executive Guidance

Since 2009, CEB has delivered a series of cross-functional best practices to guide management teams facing key decisions in the year ahead through its Executive Guidance publications.

CEB produces new issues quarterly, focusing on the top trends influencing bottom-line performance in the new work environment and prescriptive guidance for members on how to embrace them in their own organizations.

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