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Blocker Engagement Guide

A tool designed to help sellers determine what actions to take to engage Blockers. By answering a few questions, sellers can determine the lowest risk tactic for engaging a Blocker in a deal.

Challenger Product Marketing Role Guide

A guide designed specifically for Product Marketersunder a Challenger Model with a full responsibility-by-responsibility rundown of what they should do differently.

The Challenger Customer - Special Report

This Special Report, featured in the September 2015 edition of B2B Marketing Magazine, highlights why progressive sales and marketing teams must overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus to drive purchase decisions today. The report includes an infographic illustrating the key challenges of the new B2B buying journey as well as an interview with Leah Quesada, Xerox’s VP of Content Marketing and Communications.

Commercial Insight Audit

Test Your Commercial Insight with the Commercial Insight Audit. This exercise will help you determine the extent to which your current sales and marketing messages meet commercial teaching requirements.  

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