Survey: Employers Bullish on Hiring for 2017

Survey: Employers Bullish on Hiring for 2017

The US economy capped off 2016 with decent December jobs numbers, and according to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast, many employers are looking to hire in the coming year:

The hiring outlook for 2017 is the best the U.S. has seen in a decade with 2 in 5 employers (40 percent) planning to hire full-time, permanent employees over the next 12 months, according to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast. Three in 10 expect to hire part-time, permanent staff while half of all employers anticipate adding temporary or contract workers.

The national survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder from November 16 to December 6, 2016, also indicates that employers will offer better wages, place emphasis on candidates’ soft skills and reach out to candidates via texts to invite them for job interviews. It included a representative sample of 2,391 hiring managers and human resources professionals across industries and company sizes.

“Three in four employers reported that they are in a better financial position than they were a year ago, which is instilling more confidence in adding people to their payrolls,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation. “Following a divisive election season, employers are entering the New Year with a watchful, yet optimistic approach. One of the key challenges for employers will be bridging the talent gaps within their own organizations by either offering better wages or by helping to reskill and upskill workers.”

The incoming administration of president-elect Donald Trump is expected to make many changes to the regulatory landscape and considerable uncertainty remains about what those changes will look like. Nonetheless, CareerBuilder found that only 7 percent of employers expect the Trump administration to cause a decline in hiring in 2017, compared to 23 percent who expect it to increase jobs. Nonetheless, a plurality of 43 percent were undecided on this question.

The CareerBuilder survey found that part-time, temporary, and contract hiring are expected to increase along with full-time, permanent staffing. 30 percent of employers expect to increase their permanent part-time staff in 2017, and 51 percent expect to hire temporary or contract workers. The areas where hiring is expected to be most robust are information technology, customer service, production, sales, and administrative roles.