Highlights From ReimagineHR DC

Highlights From ReimagineHR DC

On October 18–20, more than 1,000 HR leaders from around the world assembled in Washington, DC for CEB’s annual ReimagineHR conference. Below are some of the insights that emerged from the keynotes, presentations, and breakout sessions:


How HR Can Strengthen Corporate Governance in a Time of Constant Change

Some of the common talent-related concerns that are keeping board members and CEOs awake at night, according to a panel of corporate governance experts.

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How the New Work Environment Is Shaping the Role of the CHRO

A panel of heads of HR make their best predictions about the ways in which their jobs will change and the new challenges that CHROs will face in the coming years.


5 Things Most Companies Don’t Realize About Pay Equity

Media coverage of pay gaps often misses key details about the problem that compensation leaders need to understand to face this challenge effectively. Here are five things you might not know about pay equity that will make a real difference in your ability to achieve it.

How to Get the Most From Investing in Employee Wellbeing

As demand grows while budgets stagnate, many HR functions are being asked to do more with less in their employee wellbeing programs. Here are some facts for total rewards leaders to keep in mind as they try to get the most bang for their wellbeing buck.


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4 Emerging Themes in Diversity and Inclusion

Although D&I leaders continue to face many of the same issues raised at last year’s US conference, a few new themes emerged across a wide-ranging conversation about strategy, metrics, branding, and communications.

Embedding Inclusion Within Your Organization’s Leadership

We hear from a panel of executives who are working to embed inclusiveness within their organizations’ cultures by developing inclusive behaviors among their fellow leaders.


4 Things You Might Not Know About Hiring Veterans

Despite the extra value veterans have to offer, many employers still shy away from hiring them due to misconceptions about their characteristics, abilities, and needs. At one of ReimagineHR’s keynote events, our expert guests shared a number of important and in some cases surprising facts about veterans in the American workforce.

How to Manage Employment Brand in the Glassdoor Era

Organizations need to re-strategize their employer branding in an environment where recruiting technologies proliferate and job candidates are exposed to a much larger amount of information about their prospective employers—most of which is out of organizations’ hands.

A New Recruiting Model for the Digital Enterprise

Some of the most common questions we at CEB, now Gartner, get from recruiting leaders when it comes to making that transformation from serving the business to leading talent acquisition.

Recruiting Executives Are Still Uneasy About Tech Applications

In a peer benchmarking session at the ReimagineHR conference, recruiting leaders representing hundreds of organizations expressed uncertainty about the role of technology in their function and its impact on their work. Here are some takeaways from that conversation.


What Employers Are Thinking Today About Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

What came up when dozens of heads of HR, HR business partners, and learning and development leaders and specialists convened in a peer benchmarking session on leadership: What are organizations doing to improve the effectiveness of their leadership in the future?