How Facebook’s Location Targeting Feature Could Change the Recruiting Game

How Facebook’s Location Targeting Feature Could Change the Recruiting Game

Facebook has been making a big push into the online recruiting space this year, rolling out a new job listings feature for businesses in the US and Canada in February, and now working to integrate that feature with its Marketplace offering. Now, recruiting tech maven Joel Cheesman adds at ERE, Facebook is testing the ability to target users with advertising based on very precise location data, and Cheesman can think of at least three obvious ways recruiters could use this functionality:

1. Targeting customers. People who physically go into your place of business are more likely to love you, and thus more likely to work for you or spread the gospel. If brand loyalists start seeing ads on Facebook about working for the business they already frequent, logic says those are pretty impactful ads.

2. Poaching. Let’s say you’re a healthcare provider in a large metro, and you’d like to get in front of a competitor’s pool of nurses, radiologists, and physicians. Facebook just made it a lot easier. Assuming you’ll be able to target the number of times a person visits a location, you’ll be able to filter out most of the patients, and additional targeting options already available on Facebook will help you filter out the people you don’t care about.

3. Conference targeting. If people you want to recruit are attending a big event in, say, Las Vegas, you should be able to target everyone who was in the Las Vegas Convention Center during the days of said event.

Some employers are already using this technology, known as geofencing, to target job ads to candidates based on where they work or live. Candidates targeted in this way can be more receptive to recruiters because they feel like the organization has reached out to them specifically. With Facebook introducing this option, however, geotargeted recruiting ads are likely to become much more common.