Google Expands Job Search Feature to UK

Google Expands Job Search Feature to UK

Google has launched its built-in job search function to the UK, the company announced in a blog post on Monday:

In the U.K., we’re working with organizations from across the job-matching industry to bring you the most comprehensive listing of jobs, like The Guardian Jobs,, Haymarket, Gumtree, The Telegraph, Reach plc’s totallylegal, CV-Library and This means anyone searching for jobs on Google will see postings from these sites and many others from across the web as soon as they’re posted. To ensure even more jobs are listed over time, we’re publishing open documentation for all jobs providers detailing how to make their job openings discoverable in this new feature.

This launch also builds on the commitment we made last year to help 100,000 people in the U.K. find a job or grow in their career by 2020. We’re doing that through our Google Digital Garage program, which gives anyone free training in digital skills and products to help grow their career, business or confidence. So far we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find their next job through free training at four city-center hubs and with partners across the U.K.

The search giant launched the job search feature in the US a little over a year ago. Google does not host job listings itself, but rather partners with job listing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Monster, as well as country-level partners like the organizations mentioned above (The leading job search site, Indeed, has declined to participate). The feature was introduced to India and Canada this May.

Google has also been developing candidate search capabilities for employers, through its recruiting and applicant tracking application Google Hire. A recent update to that program introduced a machine learning-enhanced “candidate discovery” feature to help recruiters more accurately source qualified candidates and keep track of past candidates who might be good fits for newly open positions.

The company is increasingly framing its forays into recruiting and its large-scale workforce development efforts as a form of community engagement and social responsibility. The Digital Garage program is one of several initiatives Google is pursuing to grow the tech workforce. In January, it released its internal IT support training curriculum to the public through a partnership with the online education company Coursera, partially subsidizing the cost of the course and providing full funding for 10,000 students in the US. Students who learn these skills through Google programs have no obligation to pursue careers at Google—indeed, many could end up working for its competitors—but these initiatives can reinforce and diversify its own talent pipeline while polishing its employer brand and public image.

The announcement also notes that UK job seekers who are signed into Google can see an estimate of their commuting route and time from their home to a prospective job, through Google Maps (a feature also available in the US). LinkedIn added a similar functionality last month, reflecting research showing that most candidates would take an easier commute over a slightly higher salary.