Goldman Sachs Pilots Personality Test in Revamped Hiring Process

Goldman Sachs Pilots Personality Test in Revamped Hiring Process

The investment bank Goldman Sachs is incorporating a personality test in its recruiting for summer interns in the US next year, Matt Jahansouz, the company’ global head of recruiting, tells Olivia Oran at Reuters:

He said future job candidates would be given the test before their second round of interviews at the bank. Their answers will be compared with those of current Goldman employees, who have already been identified as exhibiting traits that mark high performance such as teamwork, analytical thinking and judgment, Jahansouz said. …

“We’re shifting from a world where you just used to look at a GPA and resume and walk out with a feeling about an individual that you might want to hire,” Jahansouz said. “We can now capture characteristics and data that might not be as obvious to make smarter hiring decisions.”

Goldman has been in a process of reviewing and revising its hiring process for two years; in June 2016, the bank announced a major overhaul in which it would no longer conduct first-round on-campus interviews at elite universities. The move was intended to modernize the process, increase diversity, and find better and more committed employees.

Other companies have also experimented with personality tests in recruiting. The most famous example of this is Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, where candidates sit through five hours of assessment including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and several other personality tests. Heineken also included a personality test based on the Enneagram model in an innovative recruiting campaign launched last year.