Going to Work Costs Employees Roughly $3,300 a Year

That’s according to a new Careerbuilder survey of more than 3,000 private sector US workers, which indicated that routine workday expenses end up shaving about $276 a month, or $3,300 a year, off their paychecks. So where does all that money get spent?

Driving to work, for one: 84 percent of workers still commute to work by car, and “thirty-seven percent of these employees spend $25 or more a week on gas, while the majority (63 percent) spend less than $25 on gas a week.” On the other side, nearly half of the seven percent of workers who take public transportation spend $25 or more a week to get to work that way.

Another significant expense is for the 29 percent of working parents who pay for daycare, a third of whom spend at least $500 per month. For the 58 percent of workers who have pets, the vast majority (85 percent) spend less than $25 a week on pet care.

Lunch and coffee add up as well. Though 72 percent of workers bring their lunch to work, half of the ones who buy their lunch spend more than $25 a week. And half of all workers buy coffee during the the work week, with 71 percent of them spending less than $10 per week, while one in four spend between $10 and $25 per week.

Lastly, almost half of employees spend at least $250 a year on clothing, shoes, and accessories for work, while 24 percent spend at least $500, and one in 10 spend $750 or more.