Facebook Integrates Job Listings with Marketplace Feature

Facebook Integrates Job Listings with Marketplace Feature

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new feature allowing businesses in the US and Canada to post job listings, which prospective employees can see on the organization’s Facebook page or through the social media site’s new jobs bookmark. The feature allows organizations to post job listings directly to their Facebook page, which will also appear in the news feeds of users who “like” the organization.

Now, the site is linking up its Jobs feature with its Marketplace tab for mobile users in the US, Canada, and Mexico, according to ERE‘s recruiting tech watchdog Joel Cheesman:

Till this move, job postings were relegated to only being found if a user actually went to a company Page where the job was posted. Users might also see a job posting if they followed a Page or saw an advertisement promoting a job opening. This latest move puts job postings within Marketplace, which represents a significant increase in eyeballs. Mobile numbers in North America are a tough to nail down, but looking at Facebook’s advertising manager, eyeballing traffic at around 100 million monthly active users isn’t a stretch.

At that number, if just 5 percent visit Marketplace, then we’re talking about 5 million visitors each month. And if 10 percent of that visit the Jobs section, that puts the number of job seekers at around 500,000 per month. Five-hundred thousand isn’t going to keep anyone awake at Indeed or LinkedIn, but it’s not a bad start.

“Facebook’s next move, however, might move the needle quote a bit more,” Cheesman adds, pointing to a post by ReCode’s Kurt Wagner looking at the various ways Facebook is looking to expand Marketplace and improve the quality of the products on offer there, such as by featuring cars for sale at local auto dealerships, as well as real estate listings. “If Facebook starts aggregating classified listings from car dealers and apartment listings,” Cheesman figures, “it’s not unreasonable to think job postings from sources outside of Facebook would follow.”

The integration of job listings into Facebook’s Marketplace comes at a time when competition is heating up among Internet heavyweights for the vast online job search market. Google launched a special, machine learning-enhanced job search feature earlier this summer, and LinkedIn—the legacy leader in this market, is expanding its offerings with new features such as Pipeline Builder, which promises to help organizations find talent their current sourcing techniques aren’t capturing.