Facebook Expands Job Search Functionality to 40 More Countries

Facebook Expands Job Search Functionality to 40 More Countries

Facebook announced on Wednesday that its job search tool, which launched in the US and Canada about a year ago, is now available in over 40 countries. The expansion, which includes countries like the UK, France, Germany, and Spain, comes as part of the social media giant’s efforts to focus more on local issues, which in turn is part of its campaign to improve its reputation and regain public trust, Richard Nieva notes at Cnet:

The company retooled its iconic news feed to focus more on posts from friends and family, instead of viral videos and news. Part of the new ranking also includes a bigger focus on local news. For the job search tool, Facebook also put the emphasis on the local impact. “The jobs product is about local businesses connecting with people in their communities,” Gaurav Dosi, a Facebook product manager, said in an interview.

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine sees it becoming more of a “blue-collar LinkedIn”:

The Job posts rollout could help Facebook steal some of the $1.1 billion in revenue LinkedIn earned for Microsoft in Q4 2017. But the bigger opportunity is developing a similar business where companies pay to promote their job openings and land hires, but for lower-skilled local companies in industries like retail and food service.

In this space, job applicants often don’t have glowing resumes and education histories that look good on LinkedIn. They might not even be on the site, and if they are, they probably don’t spend much time there. But they may already have their limited professional experience listed and they spend a ton of time casually browsing the site. This lets Facebook connect them with job even if they weren’t actively seeking a position, and quickly apply to lots of different positions by piggybacking off their profile info.

The project also geared toward encouraging more employers to post job listings on Facebook instead of (or in addition to) other platforms, Alex Himel, VP of Local at Facebook, tells Mashable’s Kerry Flynn:

Facebook is “optimizing for user experience. We’re helping them find a job that they’re looking for. Right now the only jobs that are available in the Jobs browser are the ones that a Page is posting. My advice is a business that is looking to hire post a job directly on Facebook and work with their partners,” Himel said.

Beyond this tool, Facebook is looking to invest more in local businesses in 2018. Himel noted that Facebook has invested more than $1 billion to help local businesses since 2011 and said that this year it plans to invest the same amount in teams at Facebook, more technology, and programs for business leaders to attend.

The global expansion is the latest of several steps Facebook has taken to upgrade its Jobs feature since its launch last year. Last August, it integrated the feature with its Marketplace tab for mobile users in the US, Canada, and Mexico, putting job listings in front of more users. The company has also experimented with other professional networking features like mentor matchmaking and a résumé feature that lets users add more detail about their work experience to their profiles. In October, it announced that it was integrating with the job advertisement aggregator ZipRecruiter to make it easier for companies to have their job ads appear on Facebook.

Facebook is not the only tech giant making moves in this space, however. Google also launched a specialized job search feature last year, while Microsoft has been busy pushing out new features for LinkedIn to keep up with the growing competition. Amid all these developments, the online recruiting space is becoming even more of a candidate’s market.