A Change of Place, a Change of Perspective

A Change of Place, a Change of Perspective

Jillian Richardson, a freelance journalist and comedian, works out of several different coworking spaces in New York City, where the market for this type of office is large and growing. Writing at Quartz, she explains what she enjoys about that work-style, despite its downsides, and why she’s not the only one who likes it:

Originally, independent workers and startups would invest in memberships to a single space. However, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to travel between multiple offices—a set-up that offers some unique benefits for employees. “For some people, co-working provides flexibility of location,” workplace strategist Peter Bacevice says. “Place attachment is less important to these people. Rather, they value choice and the ability to work from a variety of spaces around the city—especially if they are on the go, running from meeting to meeting in various locations.” …

Many employees find that it’s a refreshing change of pace to work alongside people from other industries who have no idea what they do—and are interested in learning more.

“I think working in different coworking spaces can be beneficial for stimulation and new ideas,” says Gretchen Spreitzer, a management professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business who is studying the effects of coworking spaces. “You can interact with more and different kinds of people who can provide new perspectives, networks, and resources for you.” A marketing professional seated next to a venture capitalist may well be able to swap skills and knowledge that others in their respective companies don’t possess.

This is one opportunity created by the rise of the wherever workforce: Just as many employees no longer need to work from a central office, remote work frees them from the restriction of working in the same place every day. As the coworking market continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how this trend influences creativity, collaboration, and the types of networks people form while working in these new spaces.