Webinar: Are Annual Surveys Dead?

From CEB Workforce Surveys & Analytics

No They Are Not, And Here’s Why

You may have heard lately that the fate of annual employee surveys is sealed. But does research really support that? The answer is emphatically – NO.

A vast majority of companies – 90% of them - still deploy census surveys, according to CEB Research. However, many of them are looking to expand on that and understand how they can capture real-time employee voice. Engagement Leaders are expected to not only be familiar with a vast array of potential solutions, but also to have a point of view about the best way to apply them for our organization’s needs.

Should we maintain an annual engagement survey or switch to a pulse strategy?

How do we ensure that we are developing a comprehensive employee listening strategy that clearly aligns with our overall organizational business objectives and drives business value, rather than chasing after the latest trend?

Join us and your peers to learn how to:

  • Understand today’s survey landscape and the many contradictions facing Engagement leaders like you.
  • Develop a comprehensive employee listening strategy customized for your organizational priorities and business context.
  • Improve the actionability of your surveys.

We will share stories of success and caution, as well as proven best-practices to help you reinvent your survey strategy.

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