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Total Rewards Optimization

Stop guessing what your employees value most.

Instead, let CEB help you deliver a total rewards plan that balances employee preferences and total spend to optimize your investment’s impact.

The Importance of Measuring Total Rewards

With only about 1 in 10 organizations measuring its total rewards program, many leaders often have little understanding of the type of benefits your critical employee segments value most. Even fewer organizations use this kind of information to balance employment packages and understand the impact potential trade-offs can have on employee perceptions.

Progressive companies understand that the cost of rewards investments rarely equals the employees’ perceived value. They partner with CEB to take a value-driven approach to rebalance reward offerings and reduce costs while maintaining or increasing the value delivered to their employees.

CEB’s Total Rewards Optimization Approach

We apply several methodologies, including satisfaction and understanding assessments, conjoint analyses, and issue-specific questions in the development of our Total Rewards Survey based on the needs of each client.

We use advanced tools, such as the Offer Optimizer, to enable scenario planning and help identify the impact of possible design changes on different employee segments.


Business Questions...


Learn ROI of Total Rewards

Are your investments in the compensation and benefits offering providing returns in the form of more engaged employees? Are discretionary compensation elements still incentives or are they taken for granted?

Business Challenges...


Understand the Right Blend of Cash and Equity

What is the right blend of cash and equity in the annual rewards programs? Are there other options that offer better value for employees?


Manage Escalating Health Care Costs

As your organization anticipates increased costs in the health care offering, would a high-deductible plan offer the most compelling path to achieve cost savings?



Evaluate New Programs

What perks are most valued by employees? Which new programs could offer distinctive value and enhance the offer’s brand strength?


Identify Communication Gaps

Do employees feel knowledgeable about their benefits? Are there programs and populations that may benefit from additional communication? What form should benefits communications take?

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