CEB Pulse Surveys

CEB Pulse Surveys: Build a Continuous Listening Strategy

Today’s organizations are experiencing unprecedented change. CEB’s research has shown that two thirds of businesses faced company-wide changes in the past two years. Further, two thirds of employees say that business objectives are changing more frequently compared to three years ago. Under such circumstances, it is imperative for companies to have a clear and current understanding of their employees’ sentiments and opinions to ensure that they remain engaged, and committed to the overall business objectives through times of change.

An overwhelming majority of companies are currently deploying enterprise-wide census surveys and most are planning to maintain or increase their investments in these initiatives over the next year. However, they are looking at ways to augment such data with more real-time metrics in order to better inform their action plans. 

CEB Pulse Surveys Deliver Critical, Real-Time Feedback

CEB Pulse Surveys help organizations stay agile despite rapid, unpredictable changes in business objectives and market climates. It provides companies the best combination of a fast, flexible, and intuitive platform along with proven CEB research and benchmarks.

  • Deploy employee pulse surveys as quickly and frequently as needed, all through a mobile-friendly platform
  • Generate fast, flexible reports
  • Benchmark your organization’s performance against 40 years of CEB employee engagement data

Self-service or Managed: We Meet You Where You Are

CEB Pulse Surveys offer flexible support. Our intuitive platform is easy to use for companies that will like to create, manage, and deploy pulse surveys on their own:

  • Provide ready-to-use, templated surveys on most topics that are of interest to HR leaders.
  • Integrate with your HRIS system, ensuring that you can launch the surveys with just a single click.
  • Deliver highly visual, real-time reports to help you analyze the results quickly.

At the same time, we can also work with companies that will like us to provide support and manage the surveys on their behalf. Our experienced consultants can be at hand to help you design your pulse survey strategy, administer and deploy the surveys, as well as analyze and share results.


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