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Building a Change-Capable Workforce

Change is the new constant in business today, irrespective of industry or location. According CEB research:

  • A typical organization has undertaken five major firm-wide changes in the past three years
  • 73% of the organizations expect a greater number of change over the next three years
  • Only 34% of the organizations are clearly successful at managing change

The traditional top-down approaches to managing and implementing change are not working and HR leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the speed of change implementation. Progressive organizations are using an Open Source change strategy that uses the entire workforce to plan and implement change; using their diverse skills, experiences, and knowledge to co-produce change.

CEB Organizational Change Survey

Our Organizational Change Survey allows you to quickly measure the extent to which your organization is executing on the key success drivers of Open Source change. It is a ~30-question survey organized by the drivers of successful organizational change and employees’ level of commitment to making a change in their own personal behavior.


Provide leaders with progress snapshot of change implementation success and identify change obstacles.


Enable managers to understand what actions they can take to enable their teams to own the change.


Empower employees to share concerns and define personal implementation plans for change success.

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