Workforce Surveys & Analytics

Insight and Talent Analytics About Your Business Priorities

Progressive enterprises are no longer focusing singularly on employee engagement levels; they are seeking to better understand how workforce performance affects business outcomes.

Maximize the Power of Your Employee Surveys

CEB applies advanced analytic techniques, like linkage analysis, key driver analysis, and text analytics to quantify the relationship between engagement survey responses and key workforce, financial, customer, and operational metrics. Armed with these insights, we help organizations focus on workforce attributes that have the most significant effect on business results.


Business Questions...


Customer Alignment Assessment

How does employee engagement translate into better customer engagement?

Business Challenges...


Revenue or Profitability Analysis

How can we build the business case for workforce programs by quantifying their impact on revenue or profitability?


Innovation Potential Assessment

What opportunities do we have to increase innovation throughout the organization?


M&A Analysis

How can we identify at-risk groups pre- or post-merger to improve integration?


Rewards Assessment

Are we getting the best returns on employee engagement and goodwill from our reward and recognition program?


Work/Life Impact Assessment

What impact does taking part in our company’s work/life program have on employee’s attitudes and well-being?



Unionization Risk Analysis

Is our company at risk for external representation? Where should we focus our efforts to improve employee concerns?

Learn more about our assessment work with CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions.